The Team

Montana to the core.

4 men, 80+ years of experience working with Harley-Davidson motorcycles.


Kaes Vanderjagt

The fearless leader, Kaes is a true creative. A talented photographer and graphic designer, he led the designing and building process of this masterpiece. Ever since he was 18, he’s been riding and customizing Harley-Davidsons, and his extensive experience led this team to complete one of the most unique Harley-Davidsons ever built. When he’s not at the dealership, you can find him and his glorious beard cruising Montana’s backroads on a suicide-shifter equipped custom sportster.


Josh Fry

Owner and General Manager, Josh is the heart and soul of Yellowstone Harley-Davidson. Ever since he was a kid he’s been surrounded by Harley-Davidson motorcycles, sparking an unmatched love and knowledge for building and riding motorcycles. Our Dyno tests have proven that having Josh in the saddle increases any bikes performance by 50 HP.


Brett McGinley

A gifted artist, Brett is the mastermind behind the show-stopping look of the “Hard-8”, painting the bikes unique color palette and distressed details. A true once-in-a-lifetime talent, the sheer caliber of what this man is capable of creating with an airbrush severely hurts our brains in the best way possible.


Travis Overstreet

A certified Master Service Technician, Travis is the brains behind all things motor-related at Yellowstone Harley-Davidson. Because of his expertise, the bike rides and sounds as good as it looks. He can build an engine in the time it takes an average service worker to eat their lunch.

Seriously. We’ve seen it happen.